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We are here to help you learn about, test for, and reduce radon levels. We make it possible to enjoy your home, school or workplace worry free of the dangers of radon gas. In 2007, one of our founding partners, Len Gieck, learned about the danger of radon gas. He tested his home and discovered unsafe levels. With a daughter living in the basement of his home, he researched how to fix his home and reduce the levels. From then on, it became Len’s mission to help others navigate solutions to radon gas.

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What is Radon ?

Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that causes lung cancer. It is present everywhere in the atmosphere, but in buildings it can build up to levels that are unsafe. The only way to know you have an excess of radon in your home is to conduct a simple test.

Learn More About Radon's effects
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Residential Testing

We can assist you with choosing the right testing solution for your home, or we can do it for you. If you choose to do it yourself, we can help you over the phone or via FaceTime, to ensure your tester is placed properly. We can also assist you in the process of testing a home during a real estate transaction.

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Residential Mitigation


Mitigation is the science of reducing radon levels in your home. We are fully certified and experienced in the process and start with a no-cost, no-obligation site visit where we thoroughly check your home and prepare a scope of work, so you know what to expect.

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Commercial Solutions

Whether you need to test an office tower, a daycare centre, fish hatchery or design and inspect a radon rough-in for your new commercial construction project, we have a solution for you. Click below to find out more about our commercial testing, consulting, design and mitigation solutions.

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Testing in the Workplace, Schools or Childcare Centres

Radon is present in all enclosed spaces, including where you work, and where your children spend their time. We can help determine if these spaces have radon levels that have been deemed safe.  If test results show radon levels are elevated, we can design and implement a solution for you.


We are trusted by local school boards for testing and mitigation services.

Dependable Radon Detectors

In our many years of product testing, we have narrowed down our product range to the most accurate and reliable radon machines for our clients:

Corentium Home by Airthings

A simple and easy-to-use radon gas detector with visual display showing short- and long-term averages.

Uses 3 AAA batteries (included) with long battery life.



Radonova Alpha Track Test

The Radtrak2 is a long-term test that will monitor between 90 days and 1 full year. This extremely accurate test will take into account all of the daily fluctuations in radon levels and provide a true average concentration, minimizing the potential for a false high, or worse yet, false low reported result. Kit includes lab analysis, unlimited telephone support.



Wave Radon Monitor

Wave is a smart radon detector with accurate results on your smartphone. Measures radon, temperature, and humidity.





We have been committed to the radon industry since 2009. Our extensive experience and expertise in the radon testing and mitigation field, combined with our building pedigree, positions us to be your number one trusted adviser and solution provider.


We have a great depth of experience through working with homeowners, national park services, school boards, real estate firms and new construction on both residential and commercial projects. No two homes or commercial buildings are the same, but we have the knowledge to deal with the unexpected.


We focus solely only on radon testing and mitigation. 100% of our time and energy is spent on it. So, our depth of specialist knowledge is wider and deeper.


We excel at making sure that your levels are below 100 bq/m3 as a minimum. In fact, we guarantee it. And without selling you unnecessary products or services.




I was very impressed with Radon Controls Inc. Not just their responsiveness and professionalism but their follow up. They never missed a

beat with following up on post work testing and clearly have an organized and mature business that works. These guys are great I would highly recommend them. ~ A. Kolozetti


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