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Announcement Regarding Covid-19
At Radon Controls, we take your health very seriously. In order to protect the safety of our clients and our workers, we have implemented safety protocols.  We commit  that no one will visit your home or workplace who has knowingly been exposed to or is suffering from Covid-19. In return, if we are scheduled to visit your home or workplace and you believe you may have been exposed, please let us know so that we can re-schedule or take necessary precautions.

Commercial Projects

New Construction

All work is handled by a certified professional through the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program.

• Design of radon rough-ins for new construction by C-NRPP certified personnel for radon mitigation.

• Inspection services were required for rough-ins to ensure compliance with the Alberta Building Code 2014 as well as with the specifications; we follow best practices to ensure the roughin will be viable in the future if required. We also work with the installers to teach good practices for optimal installations.

• Installation of radon rough-ins—provision and installation of suction cages, piping, membrane and risers to ensure quality workmanship.

Complete documentation and reporting that allows General Contractors to verify the installation is according to the Alberta Building Code 2014
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Existing Commercial Space Radon Mitigation

If your building is completed and occupied and you’ve found radon levels in excess of Health Canada’s recommendation of 200 bq/m3 for exposure, we can design and install a radon reduction system for you.

We can come to your site and investigate and prepare a proposal for you.

We are accustomed to working in occupied spaces and consider your work schedule and space requirements into the design and the timing of the installation.

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