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Thorough and Professional Job

Radon Controls Inc is a very professional company specializing in radon control, as the name suggests. They got my radon levels down from ~200 to ~15, so we're very pleased. They were friendly, helpful, professional, transparent, and thorough. I'd highly recommend them to anyone. ~ S. McCarthy

Professional and Certified Radon Testing and Mitigation Solutions

Radon Controls was co-founded in 2009 by Len Gieck and Pat Lagore. We started with the intention of helping people navigate testing for radon and radon remediation in a way that made them feel assured and fully informed through the process. We strive for openness, clarity, honesty and fair pricing while still maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and the most up to date scientific approach to each and every project. 

Our Story

Radon Controls Inc. is the first radon focused company in Alberta, founded in 2009. We realized that householders were anxious as they were concerned about radon in their homes, but couldn't find any reliable, trustworthy information specific to Canada. From the beginning, our goal has been to address the fear by providing credible information coupled with sound, scientific and proven solutions. 

In 2007, Len learned of the dangers of radon gas and that it was the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. He tested his home and discovered the radon levels were at a very unsafe level - over 300 bq/m3 (more than triple the acceptable World Health Organization level). With a daughter living in the basement of his home, he was deeply concerned and set out to find a solution.

Neither the federal nor the provincial governments were able to offer solutions at that time.

As a Master Builder, Len was able to conduct his own research and install a mitigation system, subsequently reducing the radon levels in his home to a safer level. As a builder, he wanted to share this benefit with his buyers and began to rough-in radon systems into his new homes almost a decade before it became a requirement in the building code.

Len and Pat each originally received certification in the US, and subsequently in Canada once protocols were established here, and certification became available.

Meet Our Team

Len Gieck, Founding Partner

Len Gieck, Founding Partner

*C-NRPP : Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program, CRT 201025 CRMT 201026

Len is a pioneer in radon testing and mitigation (the science of reducing radon), and an award-winning home builder with over 40 years of building experience. His extensive scientific knowledge and understanding of building design, structure and construction, while navigating the complexities of the new building code, has prepared him well for even the most difficult radon mitigation requirements.


Pat Lagore, Founding Partner

C-NRPP Certified, CRT 201327 CRMT 201328

Pat applies her C-NRPP education with hands-on experience in conjunction with continued studies in radon science through Advanced Diagnostic techniques, Large Building Mitigation and Rough-in controls for new construction. Pat specializes in commercial work and the building code. She also makes presentations to special interest groups, including the real estate community, to share information on radon testing and mitigation.

Our Values

A respectful working environment with each other and our clients
Work with integrity
Allow for open communication
Lead by example
Acknowledge success
Maintain the highest standards of quality workmanship
Foster continuous learning and growth
Ensure ultimate customer satisfaction

Guaranteed Results and Workmanship

Bring your radon concerns to us or book radon testing and radon mitigation today.

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