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Serving Western Canada since 2009
Radon, what can you do about it in your home ?
Testing the levels of radon gas in your home is the first step. Testing is something you can easily do yourself. We sell radon test kits that are kept in a controlled environment and offer complete support if you have any questions.  Radon Controls Inc. can come and test the radon levels for you if you wish. The tests are interpreted by an independent, accredited laboratory. Testing is the only way to know.
Radon, how do we reduce the levels in our home?

Radon reduction, called mitigation, to reduce radon levels in your home can be carried out by a C-NRPP certified mitigation contractor from Radon Controls Inc. Generally a simple sub-slab depressurization system can be installed and is shown to be 99.9% effective at removing radon gas from the home. This system uses piping and a fan to remove the radon gas. We ensure that it has minimal components that are visible from outside the home. Air is drawn up from underneath the basement slab and exhausted outside the house and away from the home. We will seal up openings in your floor which could impede a systems potential along with diagnostics to size the best fan for maximum reduction.
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Serving Western Canada since 2009
Radon Controls Inc.