Measurement of the levels of radon gas in your home is the first step.  You can purchase a simple test kit at your local hardware store, or Radon Controls Inc. can come and test your radon levels for you at a reasonable cost.  The tests are interpreted by an independent, accredited laboratory. More information on Testing and your test results here.

Mitigation to reduce radon levels in your home can be carried out by a certified mitigation contractor from Radon Controls Inc.  Usually a simple sub-slab depressurization system can be installed and is shown to be 99.9% effective at removing radon gas from the home.  This system uses piping and a fan to remove the radon gas.  It has minimal components that can be seen from outside the home.  Air is drawn up from underneath the basement slab and exhausted outside the house and away from the home.  

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Note that in Canada
protocol allows for 
fan installation in the
basement due to our
harsh climate.
A system installed through the interior
of the house.
Radon Controls Inc. is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and we are able to help you with your radon testing and mitigation requirements. We can come to your home and test it for levels of radon according to protocols. Each system is custom designed for your unique situation and for maximum results. We have certified radon measurement and mitigation specialists and are available in all of Alberta and Edmonton and north and British Columbia. Affiliated with the award winning Loreck Homes Ltd.