Did you know that provisions for radon gas are now included in the Canadian building code? 

What do you know about Radon gas?


No buildings are exempt from the possibility of radon gas entering. This means old or new homes or commercial buildings are at risk of radon gas entering. The only way to know is to test for it. If you have 200 bq/m3 or more you should be correcting the problem -- your health is at risk.


New homes can be prepared for a mitigation system which allows a system to be installed much easier. 
Existing homes can be fixed also , it just involves a bit more work.
You can test for radon or we can test it for you. We are also certified to do mitigation work for you. What ever you do, don't ignore this issue any longer, your health may depend on it.


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Radon Controls Inc. is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada  and we are able to help you with your radon testing and mitigation requirements.  We can come to your home and test it for levels of radon according to protocols.  Each system is custom designed for your unique situation and for maximum results.  We have certified radon measurement and mitigation specialists and are available in all of Alberta including Edmonton and north and British Columbia.  Affiliated with the award winning Loreck Homes Ltd.